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Keisha Cones a sexy, independent hustler with a haunting past has dreams of making on top. Keisha endured a dysfunctional home life and tumultuous relationship with her mother. Her screwed up life style and unforeseen family tragedy ushered her into the belly of the beast. Keisha falls headfirst into a game of love and deception. There are three hearts at stake including her very own. In attempts to deal with her deteriorating emotional state and the need to survive, she gets involved with two of California's notorious gangstas. Keisha test the limits as she attempts to be the number one boss chic and stay alive. All the while praying that her dirty secret is not discovered. Keisha is in too deep, the red and blue has become a big blur. The decisions she's making may prove to be deadly! Will she get her love Piru style or will she end up on a missing poster? Either way she is determined to be on top or die trying.

Take a ride in the LBC with California's own Bright Sheldon, the youngest and most seductive gold digger from the northside of Long Beach, and her besties, Treasure and Suge. Playing on the hearts of bosses, ballers and shot callers, Bright doesn’t hold back any punches to get what she feels is owed to her. She's beautiful on the outside, yet inside she reeks of pretty poison and hidden pain. Back-stabbing, lying, and conniving is her game plan for survival. But when life leaves her hanging on by a short rope, will anyone from her team be there to catch her before she falls? Or will they use the knife she left in their backs to sever all ties?


Samantha Collins is a young homicide detective in South Carolina; she relocated from New Jersey after spending a weekend there during college. Missing her younger sister Vanessa; she persuades her to relocate from New Jersey to attend graduate school. Almost immediately after Vanessa moves in with her, their life seems to be a roller coaster ride after Vanessa meets a young man name Bryan. Bryan, who is white, an aspiring medical student and star quarterback comes from a wealthy family and is smitten by Vanessa’s beauty the moment he stares into her eyes.

Samantha who is blindsided by her partner’s addiction to alcohol is disappointed she’s unable to spend as much time with Vanessa after being assigned one of Tim’s (her partner’s) unsolved case. This unsolved murder mystery leads her on the path to dangerous territory. Because of this, Vanessa who falls for Bryan also begins to spend more time with him and ignores controlling warning signs. As time passes on Samantha is unnerved the homicide she’s investigating is more intertwined in her sister’s life than she could ever imagine…

The streets’ bestselling authors, Tha Twinz are back with the follow-up

to their hot debut novel, Crime Pays


After 8½ years in prison. Manny Black the former leader of the notorious M3 Boyz makes parole!  Thanks to the business savvy of his close friend Edeeks, Manny’s illegal drug profits have been nurtured into a multi-million dollar legitimate business. His new life on the outside looks promising, but the life of murder and mayhem that once led him to war with the Cuban organized crime family, the Marielitos, won’t die easy. It isn’t long before he finds himself dodging the bullets of an unknown enemy. With someone out to kill him and everyone he cares about, Manny has to put the present on hold and visit his past to handle some Unfinished Business.



What would you do if you learned the person you were divorcing is dying?

On receiving the very thing she wants, a divorce and the power to sell their house, Anna

Manning learns that Edward, her soon-to-be ex-husband, is dying. A faithful wife for

over three decades, Anna endured Edward's constant absences while traveling on

business for his international real estate firm, and his extra-marital affairs.

Anna takes Edward to live out his last six, possibly three, months in the house she fought

so vigorously to sell. But letting go of someone who has caused so much pain does not

come easily.

Edward has changed.

As their children return home, and say their farewells Anna confronts the challenges that

Edward's impending death delivers each of them. Then there is Inman who loves Anna,

and provides the one thing Edward denied their marriage—passion and intimacy.

Anna must also face the hopes and dreams she abandoned as an art history major turned

wife, and mother out of college. In requesting the divorce she had planned to use her

proceeds from the sale of the house to move to France. She would study the great art

works of Europe, perhaps work as a docent in a Paris museum.

News of Edward’s terminal illness provokes Anna to understand the present rooted in the

wellspring of the past, and pouring into a future without him. The House shows what

happens when we adopt the belief that, All hold regret, and are seeking forgiveness. Our

salvation rests in the hands of others—most particularly the ones whom we love most,

and who have treated us wrongly.





This is a poetry chapbook of masculine love for the feminine. Love is broken down into four categories -- romantic love, unrequited love, sexual love, and love for ones family -- each of which is examined through verse. It as an imaginative ode to one of the most misunderstood words in the English language: Love.

64 pages
ISBN: 978-1453748152


Ashley is a successful half Black-half Latina female living a glamorous lifestyle of a Hollywood movie star, or so it would seem, if you re on the outside looking in. Truth is, she is tired of failed relationships and is fearful of being alone. She struggles to find love and begins to question herself. Lilian cashed in on the normal life of a housewife early, marrying the guy all the girls wanted back in high school, house, white picket fence, etc...she was living the American Dream. Her dream life soon becomes one that resembles a nightmare, leaving her vulnerable. After an invitation and a lot of persuasion from her friend Ashley, Lillian decides to leave the security of her long time home in New York and move to Los Angeles. It is there that she realizes maybe she has more in her life to change than she may have initially thought. Around The World Twice is a story about two best friends whose lives are synonymous, despite the different social circles they traveled in. It is a story of true friendship in which both ladies, together, contribute to building each other up in order to become better and stronger women, as well as triumphant for love of self and one another.

Brooklyn’s relationship with Damon had taken a left turn towards boredom until an over indulgent night at the casino leads to them waking up to a beautiful stranger in their bed who introduces them to a darker side of life fueled by “candy.” A passing curiosity opens the doors to an alternative lifestyle that unearths dark desires and half truths that will test the foundation of Brooklyn and Damon’s relationship. Will their love of each other pull them out of the tailspin their lives have been thrown into or will the secrets they’re keeping from each other tear them apart? Come find out if three is a crowd or a recipe for disaster in this sexy tale of love, lust and betrayal.

Relationship Contract: Let’s Keep It Real explores the things we do or don’t do that can affect our relationships. The focus is to get people to pay attention to the things we say and do before we start complaining that we can’t find a good man or a good woman and to take a look at some of the reasons our relationships and marriages don’t last. Sometimes we don’t really “get it” until it’s laid out for us. This book lays it out for you.


This book explores the negative and positive patterns in relationships.  Sometimes when you are in the middle of a terrible relationship, you don’t see it. Even if you in a great relationship, sometimes you can’t see how great your mate is because you find yourself focusing on trivial things causing the great relationship to fall short. You may be the cause of the relationship going bad and don’t know it. Someone looking in sometimes have to bring it to your attention. This book brings certain things to your attention to help you not make the same mistakes.



When twenty six year old La’Keisha Martin had to choose between living a boring, fake Christian existence while still sinning in secret like most of the “Saints” she knew, or doing it big, being a Boss Chick, and getting sexed like there was no tomorrow, it was very easy for her to choose the latter. But when she slept with a few husbands too many, broke up a few homes too many, and pissed off one wife too many, the woman who had been every man’s erotic fantasy and every woman’s worst nightmare was instantly hit with the realization that hell really did have no fury like a woman scorned.
Suddenly she found herself wishing that the God she had left behind would step in and save her from having to reap the sinful seeds she had sown, and keep her from losing her soul when she faced off with a mad wife who was two times more evil and ten times more deadly than the devil himself!



What starts as a one-night stand with a soon-to-be married ex-boyfriend turns into a complicated affair when the mistress accidentally makes friends with the wife, but she still wants the husband for herself.


Approaching 30 years old and still single, Sebrina decides that being the good girl all of her life has gotten her nowhere.  Suddenly the moral codes, values and ideals on which she based life in her twenties have become dead weight on the other side of thirty.  She sees her time running out and her chances dwindling for love and happiness to find her, so she takes matters into her own hands.

When Curtis walks back into her life, Sebrina believes that her last chance has presented itself, and she must do whatever it takes to keep him, even if it means taking him from his new wife, Andra-Lyn.  Sebrina accidentally meets his Andra-Lyn and finds herself relating to her as a person as much as she does an adversary.  But Sebrina still wants Curtis.

Sebrina and Curtis are in the Army and Marine Corps, so their affair is as much a military offense as it is a moral one.  But Sebrina still wants Curtis.


This story is set in Atlanta, Georgia, during a two-year time span just before and immediately after September 11th 2001. 

Faith decides to get her life back on track by admitting herself into a drug rehab. While in recovery, she makes a phone call and finds out that her ex-husband has married his divorce attorney. And to make matters worse, he refuses to let Faith be in their daughter’s life. The devastating news causes her to relapse and before anyone could blink their eyes, she packed up her things, checked out of the rehab and was back on the streets in less than twenty-four hours. Once she hits the streets, her life is turned upside down after she allows a known con-artist to take her underneath his wings. Sooner than later, she realizes that he will become her worst nightmare and that her chances of getting away from him alive are very slim. Will Faith let the streets swallow her whole? Or will she gain the strength to fight for her life?

















Homeless as a teenager, Lyric Brody soon discovers the finer things in life comes with a high price tag. When she meets a handsome drug dealer name Diesel. She soon gets caught up in his web of deception, lies and sexual escapades. In her quest to exist in a world of opulence, her new found strength helped her to devise a plan that will give her the independence that she yearns. Unfortunately, obtaining her goal will require her to betray the only man she has ever truly loved. After learning he has fathered a child outside of their relationship, she decides to follow through with her plan. She uses her beauty and intelligence to mastermind her scheme. The wheels are set in motion when she hooks up with an old friend Russell King. Unbeknownst to Lyric, Russell is fresh out of a mental hospital and has his own agenda as well as an unhealthy obsession with her. Lyric sets out on a LOVE HEIST, but gets more than she bargained for.

They call her, “Miss Sa’Ditty Priss,” and a dead ringer for Jill Scott. Meet, Ana May Charles, a 45 year old, heavy set, African American single woman who has just lost her job of 12 years. Soon after, her apartment burns down, and she is forced to move into a homeless shelter with her ex-boyfriend from childhood who has been a drunken bum for the last two decades. The brand new car that she just paid off is totaled and she is forced to walk and ride the bus. With no luck at finding employment due to lack of skills, she is pushed to enroll back into school at Milwaukee Area Technical College. A foe she had crossed forces her to drop her courses. Can a chance opportunity in an eco-friendly Earth camp that is sent to her shelter to enroll for the summer season be the change she needs? Will her prize recipe for her famous ‘DAMN CAKE’ help change the world? Will Ana open her heart and ever fall in love? Eat the Damn Cake, Ana May! by Teresa Rae Butler www.text4mpublishing.com

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