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K. Elliott aka The Well Fed Black Writer, published his first novel, Entangled, in 2003. Although he was offered multiple signing deals, Elliott decided he had what it took to self-publish. With that, he founded Urban Lifestyle Press, printed his own books and went to work. Bookstore by bookstore, street vendor by street vendor, Elliott took to the road selling his story. His work did not go unnoticed as he sold 50,000 units in his first year and made the Essence Magazine Bestsellers list.

Since Entangled, Elliott has published five titles of his own and two on behalf of authors signed to Urban Lifestyle Press. For one book, The Ski Mask Way, Elliott was selected to co-author with hip-hop superstar 50 Cent. Along the way, he has continued to look for innovative ways to push his books to his fans while keeping down his overhead. Not wanting to keep the finding of such valuable experiences to himself, Elliott did two things.

First, in 2010 he forged his vision of low-cost publishing by founding 21 Black Street, an eBookstore to mirror a traditional African-American themed book store - accept it could totally cuts out printing costs.

Not stopping there, Elliott created the Well-Fed Black Writer, a blog for authors to find life-hacking tips for more efficient, effective self-publishing. Now through podcasts, video and blog posts, Elliott is able to reach anyone interested tips that lead to efficient, cost effective self-publishing success