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Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen, and the Rest Are Just Impersonating Perfection


            I donít think thereís a more difficult job in the world than being a devout Christian. First of all, thereís this book of rules we have to follow to the letter or else a bunch of people, who donít do what it says, are going to tell me that Iím going to Hell. If that isnít enough, Iím supposed to get other people to do this too. This book of rules doesnít allow me to do anything that my friends are doing. How am I supposed to attract people to this way of life if they canít smoke, canít have sex with everyone they meet, and they have to spend every Sunday in church? Then, when they get to church they get stared at, talked about, and shunned. But this is the life that Iím supposed to get people to live. Where are the perks?

            I could go on and on telling you about the good side of all this, but some have already messed up my point with their judgmental ways. Take the earthquake in Japan, for instance. Now, according to our book of rules, we Christians are supposed to pray for the people in need and send them support. This did not happen. Instead people wanted to speculate why this tragedy happened.

            ďGod did it because people in Japan donít know him.Ē

            Cut that out. Just stop it right now.

            And then came the conspiracy theories and the end of the world messages.

            ďThis is exactly what the book of Revelations and the book of Matthew talked about.Ē

            Wrong again. The Bible says ďYou know not the day or the hourÖĒ and it talks about living right the whole way through. Then, it says not to judge people. So, why did I hear a person say, ďIím glad me, my family, and my friends are living right; because the end times are here, and weíre all going to Heaven.Ē

            I couldnít help but to shake my head at such foolishness. How dare you, especially when you claim to be a Christian, rub your circumstances in the faces of others who are suffering misfortune? And who are you to say who will and wonít get into Heaven?

            I could go on and on all day about this, so let me just wrap it up by saying to these ďChristiansĒ, know your true purpose. We are to lead by example; meaning, lend a helping hand to those in need. Pray for those who you canít help. To the non-Christians, please donít believe the hype. We are not perfect, and we need to stop pretending to be. The man we follow, whose name is Jesus, spent His life befriending the cream of the sinnersí crop. He hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors, and the like; and He showed them kindness. He didnít turn his nose up at them because they werenít dressed in expensive clothing when they came to the temple. In His dying moment, He welcomed a sinner into Heaven, so why canít todayís Christians welcome people into their lives here on Earth?

Written By: Kimani Lauren





Edited By: Kenya Mack



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