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Kisha Green is no stranger to the literary world. She is the well-informed and very knowledgeable publisher of DivaBooksInc.(www.divabooksinconline.com) author of many books under her imprint, including “And Even If I Did,” “If It Aint One Thing, It’s Another,” “Dear Mommy” and “Mental Seduction.” In 2007, Green was nominated Self-Published Author of the Year.

As the host of her own Blog Talk Radio show, “Writer’s Life Chats,” (www.writerslifechats.com)

Green interviews aspiring as well as seasoned authors, Writer’s Life Chats was nominated for Best BlogTalk Show in 2008 and 2009. In February of 2011, she recently took the honors of winning for Best Blogtalk Host award presented by the Urban Literary Awards.She is also a book reviewer whose work has appeared on the websites Urban Book Source (www.theurbanbooksource.com), Shelfari (www.shelfari.com/kishagreenreads) and Amazon.com, among others.

Green is a senior writer and founder of the Writer’s Vibe (www.writers-vibe.com) a literary site to help promote artists. Kisha also participated in a panel discussion at a Rutgers University, where she sat with other authors and poets, speaking with students about the literary industry: publishing and writing books, the importance of investing in an editor, and the hardships up-and-coming authors may face.

With fellow New Jersey self-published author/publisher Marie Antoinette, Green recently launched Literary Jewels (www.literaryjewels.webs.com), a helpful resource for aspiring writers in interested self-publishing but need direction.

Green has a jones for literature and is a firm believer in “each one, teach one.” She assures, “There is room at the top for everyone in the literary world.” Green is destined to take literary Hollywood by storm.


Kenya Mack is the author force and CEO of Imperial Ink Publishing. The written and spoken word has been a passion of Kenya’s since her early childhood years. As a proud, self-published author, she entered into the literary scene with her drama-filled debut novel “This Too Shall Pass”. Kenya loves to educate other aspiring authors on the business of self-publishing, and also enjoys being a contributing writer and book reviewer for the Writer’s Vibe. She is also currently writing her next novel.


Kimani Nelson is the author of the soon to be released novels, “Consider Your Ways,” and “Why I Shot Him”. She is also the founder, owner, CEO, and Head Editor of Perfectly Polished Words Editing. She is the mother of two boys, servant of GOD, and lover of literature. Her other passions in life include makeup artistry, photography, and nursing. She has lived in Syracuse, NY a majority of her life and hopes to change that, once she obtains her Baccalaureate  in Nursing. And, yes, she is a girl who likes to watch football and drink Jack Daniels

Jason Luntz is fairly new to the writing game, only learning of his talent in recent years when he began blogging online. Since then he has been hired as a freelance writer on various websites. He believes his multiracial and inter-religious background has helped him to relate to people from all backgrounds. Jason is now working on his first novel, a coming of age story based on his growing up mixed in New Jersey. 



Keith Kareem Williams was born and raised in the gritty city of Brooklyn, New York. Forged in those fires, he’s become a soldier, determined to bring his style of fiction to the forefront of the world of literature. He’s been labeled as a “Beast with a Pen” by his peers and contemporaries.  His unique vision of the world has earned him the title of “Reem the Gully God” on social networking sites where he continues to inspire, captivate, and entertain the minds of his readers daily.


“As a single father, I made a huge decision to leave a good job during a terrible economy. I made my mind up that I would become obsessed with the pursuit of success with my writing career. So far, it has paid off. In these few months, I’ve made a name for myself and people KNOW who I am and how I do what I do, which is a blessing. One of the things I’m most proud of is how my children look at me now. I’m not depressed, or frustrated, because I’m doing what I’m passionate about.

I write constantly and I already have the titles and plots lined up for my next 26 novels. This is what I do, and I’m just trying to let the rest of the world know this. I’m just trying to become legendary in the game. I believe that a GOOD writer pulls you into their story. A GREAT writer makes the world around you fall away as you read. The LEGENDARY writers tell stories that become a part of you, and linger long after you’ve read the last line of the last chapter.

It was once said that, "the pen is mightier than the sword". I say to my fellow AUTHORS: Let's advance our craft until it's mightier than guns, grenades, bullets, and nuclear bombs. If not, then put your pen down and fall back. Those of us who are serious about this will run you over as if we were riding in tanks.



Aaron Bebo is a native of New York State, who begin writing to give light to the urban subculture. A lifestyle that exist in a cold reality in most urban areas today. Aaron currently resides in the state of Georgia. Where he continues to spin tales describing the urban subculture.

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