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Coveted certainly brings the drama. This story is filled with just about every drama ingredient there is: philandering husbands, backstabbing friends, dangerously envious family members, and a few doses of violent behavior. This is a read sure to please lovers of urban drama.


Naima is a hard-working mother of two lovely children, and married to the well-known ex-NFL superstar Quarterback Kaden Fairchild.  Although the two became parents in their teenage years, they have managed to become successful in their careers even after Kaden’s upsetting injury.  It is no surprise to hear about professional athletes cheating on their spouses, but Naima was distraught after learning Kaden had not only carried on an affair with her best friend, Haven, since their college years; but, he also fathered her child, Naima’s god-son, Kaven.  Determined to move on with her life and make the best of it, Naima leaves Kaden and makes, what she thought to be, a pretty successful attempt at a new path in life.  After moving back into her parents’ house, their world is suddenly shaken by the appearance of Emeri; a product of her own Father’s love affair from years before.  Emeri, with no where else to turn after her Mother’s death, sought to find the Father she never knew; her Mother’s last wish before passing away.  Naima welcomes the handsome distraction of Damir, but is left confused after his sudden distancing.  Little did she know, the reason why resided in the same house as she.  It seems as if everyone wanted the life and love that Naima had, and was willing to acquire it by any means necessary.


Coveted shows the danger of obsession and envy, and the power of forgiveness and authentic love.  I was amazed at how well the storyline was delivered.  There were several noteworthy characters, and they were all dexterously linked.  A few editing issues did not distract me from experiencing a smooth read.  The twists definitely kept my attention and the pages turning.  In conclusion, this was a good read and the ending left me wanting to know more of what happened next!


4 Stars


Written By: Kenya Mack







A Jarrell Hayes has penned a collection of heartfelt poems and done so very beautifully. In a world where men aren't very expressive, this collection will give readers a deeper look into the heart of man where true love resides. Hayes' use of words tugs and moves the hearts of readers with much finesse. This collection of love poems are broken down into four categories: Romantic Love, Unrequited Love, Sexual Love, and Love for Family. I find it highly impressive that Hayes touched all aspects of life and love with good structure.


I have no favorites as each poem was beautifully written. I experienced much personal emotion in reading poems such as: "Anchor the Night", "Let Love", and "What You Did To Me" probably for my own reasons. I absolutely fell in love with Hayes' use of metaphors in "A Flower Called Me".  "Chicken" has a touch of humor and a surprise erotic ending that is sure to please--I loved it! The only poem that had me slightly hesitant was "How I Met Your Mother". There was quite a bit of sexual expression from the Father towards the Mother, and I didn't think that would be the average conversation between Father and Child. Nonetheless, it was still a beautiful expression.


Overall, To Woman, From Man: Love Poems is a great read for poetry lovers. I would definitely recommend this book to all lovers of poetry, lovers of love, and anyone wanting a look into the heart of man.


4 Stars


Reviewed By: Kenya Mack


Niquole Wright has it made and is living the lavish life with expensive clothes and cars, two children, celebrity status among her peers, and a thriving record label.  All seems perfect in her world except for her husband “situation”.  Obviously no longer in love with her husband, Niquole engulfs herself in an extramarital affair with Kingston.  Losing sight of everything of importance around her, each day brings increase to her new obsession.  Niquole no longer respects her husband, neglects their children, and mistreats her family and friends.  Everyone around her isn’t ignorant to what’s going on in her personal life, however; especially the anonymous person that threatens to expose her secrets to Germaine.  Niquole takes a nonchalant approach to their threats since all she seems to care about is spending the rest of her life with Kingston anyway.  Make no mistake; her money is just as important.  Her money being the reason she hasn’t left her husband already.  While Niquole is busy planning her escape with Kingston, Germaine is desperately trying to hold their family together.  Little do either of them know, Kingston seems to have a plan all his own.


Karma is the bitch that needs to give Niquole Wright a good beat down!  Her character, or lack thereof, is developed so well that my blood boiled the entire read.  Racy, erotic, and suspenseful, The Available Wife was a hard book to put down and walk away from.  The plot is strong and the twists are very compelling.  Despite the slight editing issues, the story is very much enjoyable and well written.  The drama starts on page one and doesn’t stop until the last page where Pennington made sure to leave readers anticipating more.  What I like most about this book is the lesson behind the fiction.  The characters bring awareness to the issue of codependency in some who put addiction ahead of everything else in their life.  This story shows what it looks like from the outside looking in when people don’t value their blessings.  Good fiction story telling and life lessons make for a fantastic book!


5 Stars


Written By: Kenya Mack

“It’s a Small World”

“Ask Nicely and I Might…” by Lorraine Elzia is a seductively written thriller. This novel is filled with dark characters, suspense, and creative twists.

Jade, your typical battered woman has finally reached her breaking point. After years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, she has masterminded the perfect exit from her pitiful marriage by way of premeditated murder. Once she is in the clear, Jade has newfound freedom and makes her way to the city of dreams, New York City. Now she has a brand new attitude and a lot more confidence that she never knew. Driven by her deep hatred for inconsiderate men, she goes on a quest to obtain exactly what she wants and by any means necessary.

Alex Carlysle, one of the best homicide detectives in New York City is highly respected among her peers. She is also known for her ability to maintain control of her emotions even in the most extreme crime scene situations. That is until a series of brutal murders include her very own lover. Already obsessed with her line of work as she avoids facing the demons of her past, she has taken to solving his murder into her own hands. She will stop at nothing until she finds his killer.

For 186 pages, I was highly impressed with how the story was written. The character development was thorough and will give readers a complete understanding of the who’s and why’s. The plot was also executed ingeniously as the characters were uniquely tied together in diverse ways. The metaphors within the story will make readers feel as if they are watching a movie instead of reading a book. I would have liked to see a more complex ending. I feel as if the catch of the serial killer was much too simple for how skillfully she avoided being caught throughout each murder. Perhaps more forensic detail would give thriller fans even more enjoyment of this story. Overall, “Ask Nicely and I Might…” is a sexy, enthralling read and sure to be enjoyed by readers of many genres; especially thriller, suspense, and mystery.


5 Stars

Written By: Kenya Mack


“The Life and Thoughts of Shaun Pascal” is a story about self discovery and finding one’s place in the world. The story is narrated by the title character and examines the life of an African-American male in his early to mid-twenties trying to figure out the basics of being an adult.  Written as a character study, the author N.S. Ugezene has created a story unique amongst other urban tales.

The premises of the story is that Shaun Pascal, also known as KP, is a twenty-something young African-American man that is in and out of school as well as work, has recently moved back in with his mother and step-father, and is desperately looking for acceptance and love. He has a dream of becoming a rapper, but can not focus on that goal because he allows his mind to wonder on every possible detail of life. The majority of the book is spent with Pascal questioning the motives of females and friends, as well as describing every day activities around his neighborhood in the city of Pomona, California, in which he resides.

Written in first person style, we are given an intimate look into the mindset of the lead character. He is depressed about his current state of living, and is constantly looking for something to make his life better. That arrives in the female character of Nadalina McGastry whose entrance into the story gives Pascal some hope about his future. The story is about love and accepting that emotion.

“The Life and Thoughts of Shaun Pascal” is not without its faults. It is almost as if its originality is what makes it a difficult read. The story is told in a stream-of-consciousness manner, with characters and subject matter discussed and discarded in what seems to have no point to the forward movement of the story. This concept can work if there is intention behind it; but without a purpose, much of what you learn in the story leads to no where.  The thoughts of Pascal can be described like separate essays, where he begins with a thesis, defines issues, and many times gives solutions; but without any real pay off for the story.

Where this novel does succeed is in capturing the thoughts of person with his age, gender, and economic situation. It was refreshing to read about an African-American male who is complex, intelligent, and confused. Shaun Pascal will remind you of someone you know; a person who is creative and smart, but unsure of what direction to go in.  The story does not try and judge Pascal or those around him. What it does do is give an open window into their lives.

Ugezene’s novel is a good attempt in taking urban fiction in a new direction. Structurally though, the novel does need some help; therefore, I will give the book 3 ½ stars out of 5. It is something readers can enjoy, but they will need to take their time reading to really grasp it.

Reviewed By: Jason Luntz



Edited By: Kenya Mack




Welcome to the well-known everyday struggle of the majority in finding true love. In "Champagne, Jellybeans, and Chocolate", we enter into the worlds of Royce and Paula. Two high school sweethearts who are unexpectedly reunited one fateful day. Royce immediately begins his pursuit of rekindling the love they once shared; but finds himself intimidated by the obviously high maintenance Paula. He struggles with picking up the pieces of his broken life after tragically losing both of his parents. As his relationship with Paula progresses, Royce is able to pull himself out of his homeless and broke circumstances. In the meantime, he has to compete with the high rollers trying to buy Paula's love and fears losing her to the "good life". Not only does he have to deal with the high rollers, he also has to figure out a way to fix things once Paula finds out he hasn’t been truthful about his living situation. Will true love prevail, or will the “good” life win over Paula’s heart?

The first thing that caught my attention was the title of this book. I wondered how Taylor came up with such a unique title. After reading the book, I realized it was absolutely perfect. I love the meaning behind the title as it holds sentimental value between the main characters. I enjoyed reading this book and am thoroughly impressed with Taylor's ability to tie all of the characters together. This made for a good read and brilliant twists. The characters were also well-developed and easy to relate to. Despite the slight editing issues, the story was still an emotional and heart-tugging one. Romance novel fans will definitely fall very much in love with this story. In my opinion, "Champagne, Jellybeans, and Chocolate" stands out from other romance novels because the storyline wasn't overly predictable. The twists kept my pages turning! I am certainly looking forward to RL Taylor's future literary works. He's got the creative gift!

4 Stars

Reviewed and Edited By: Kenya Mack


“Open Spaces” pulls readers into the world of Mika and Sedari and doesn’t let us go.  They are the perfect example of how happiness on the outside doesn’t equal happiness in reality.  At the first glance, they are a seemingly happily married couple.  As time goes on, we learn that they have allowed temptation of the flesh to shake the very foundation of what they have built over the years.  Each of them are individually wrestling with demons of their past while trying to do what is best for their son, Corey.


Sedari faces an overwhelming desire to give into the advances of Desiree, his brother’s ex-girlfriend.  Having to deal with years of built up curiosity and attraction, Sedari finds it extremely difficult to resist the noticeably mutual feelings between him and Desiree.  Desiree doesn’t have a problem making it known that she doesn’t respect Mika or their marriage; causing an immense amount of problems between the couple.


When Mika realizes there is something more than a friendship between Sedari and Desiree, she is devastated.  Soon, she turns to other outlets of coping with her heartbreak.  Her worst coping mechanism, Lee, threatens to destroy her marriage as well.  Having feelings of nostalgia and not caring to hide it, Desiree blatantly loses interest in continuing to honor her marital vows at times.


Sedari and Mika are so wrapped up in dancing with their devils, that they almost don’t realize what they are doing to their son and their marriage.  Will they forgive each other and move on from their past, or will it be too late?


There is no doubt that writing and creativity is Keith Williams’ God-given gift in life.  I found it difficult to set the book down from beginning to end.  He has an incredible gift of using words to create vivid scenes and settings throughout the story.  The characters in this book are so well-developed that one can’t help but feel every bit of the emotional rollercoaster ride.  The plot and twists were executed with near perfection and flow to make for an outstanding read.  Keith definitely leaves readers wanting more.


After reading “Water Flows Under Doors”, Keith’s debut novel, I was instantly a fan of his writing style.  “Open Spaces” shows the incredible amount of growth he has experienced as an author.  I am very much looking forward to his future works and am certain fans of Urban Contemporary Fiction will feel the same way.


5 out of 5 Stars


Reviewed and Edited By: Kenya Mack


In the relationship guide, Relationship Contract: Let's Keep It Real, readers will be entertained by author Beverly Rowley’s attempt to understand the dynamics of males and females, especially when they decide to start a relationship.

This handy guide will give you dos and don’ts, as well as provide you with examples you can surely learn from in the form of advice questions.

Readers who are intrigued by the ins and outs of what makes relationships work and, in many cases, not work will enjoy Beverly Rowley’s debut.

Readers will definitely find her advice/approach practical and realistic since she allows you to look at a relationship from the outside. Beverly Rowley examines how and why relationships self-destruct, and oftentimes, at the hands of the person directly in the relationship. She discusses how self-sabotage plays a part as well.

I enjoyed this book and found it to be amusing as well as enlightening. I am sure fans of relationship self-help will too enjoy the Relationship Contract. Literary kudos to Beverly Rowley.


Reviewed by: Kisha Green


In Marie Antionette’s latest literary effort “The Struggle” readers will be educated, but if you think it is going to read like a grade school textbook, you are wrong. The authors holds your attention from the first chapter, whereas you want to continue reading because she is discussing very thought provoking topics. With knowledge comes wisdom, which then brings forth the understanding and that is what “The Struggle” is, it makes sense and comes full circle. 

I sat and read this book and found that this book would be the perfect implement in every high school because of the facts that are distributed throughout the book. “The Struggle” is not a book about what is wrong with the world with an authors attempt to “band-aid” the problem within the 200+ pages but more so a resource for our youth to see what happens when you go down a wrong path as well as how these paths are even created in the first place. 

The Struggle provides readers with not only the authors opinion but facts to support her way of thinking. No topic goes unturned in “The Struggle” from incarceration,HIV,drug dealing,professional athletes,black businesses, Willie Lynch and so much more. 

Marie Antionette touches on so many relevant topics with wise words sprinkled throughout the book. I found this book to be motivational for the simple fact of her bringing attention to what the “struggle” is while providing you the reader with the much needed insight on these sensitive subjects. 

As I read this book I could feel the author’s passion and conviction in her words. There were topics discussed that from reading it you could tell some of these issues described were some that she could relate to and easily identify with, which to me made this book real. 

Marie Antionette has a winner on her hands with “The Struggle” and again another literary job well done. 

Reviewed by: Kisha Green


For Colored Girls Movie Review



Imagine, if you will, nine different Black women, all using passionate, powerful poetry to express their portraits of pain! Add to that an incredible cast of actresses including, but not limited to, Loretta Devine, Phylicia Rashad, Kerry Washington, Whoppi Goldberg and more; and

you have the makings of Tyler Perry’s rendition of “For Colored Girls.” It is based on Ntozake Shange’s play, “For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf”!


Perry’s phenomenal cast of women (and men like Khalil Kain, Hill Harper, Omari Hardwick, etc.) had the daunting task of telling the story of different women of color and all the trials and issues they face from infidelity to abuse (physical & sexual), family drama, and more.  Yasmine (played by Anika Noni Rose) is a dance instructor who dealing with pain and betrayal from someone deemed as trustworthy. Crystal (played by an emotionally driven Kimberly Elise) is a married mother of two children! Her husband, Beaau Willie, (played by Michael Ealy) is a war vet struggling to find a job, which leads to issues with drinking and a nasty temper that is taken out on his family!  Jo (played by Janet Jackson) is a businesswoman (the boss of Elise’s character Crystal actually) who is going through marital issues of trust with her husband Carl (played by Omari Hardwick).


Juanita (played by Loretta Devine) is a nurse who is tired of having her love taken for granted by her on again/off again boyfriend, Frank (played by Richard Lawson). Tangie (played by a sinfully playful and seductive Thandie Newton) and Nyla (played by Tessa Thompson) are sisters who have their own separate issues, as well as problems with their overzealous religious mom, Alice, (played by the always engaging and entertaining Whoopi Goldberg)!  Tangie has been going from man to man looking for sex with no strings attached to substitute something of value missing in her life, while her Mom wants to try and protect the younger sister, Tessa, from following in Tangie’s same, misguided footsteps.


Kelly (played by Kerry Washington) is a social worker (who was assigned to check up on the family issues going on with Beau and Crystal) who is going through her own dilemma as her and boyfriend, Donald, (played by Hill Harper) try to conceive children of their own and start a family! And then there is Gilda, (played by the exceptionally gifted Phylicia Rashad), the building supervisor and mothering mentor to Crystal, Tangie, and any of the other ladies within their apartment complex willing to listen to her wise words of wisdom!


Each woman in the film goes through their own personal journey of struggle, pain, and adversity, and let us into that world through the poetry in their words and interaction with each other and loved ones.  Everyone more than held their own in this solid and moving film, but I was exceptionally moved by the performances of Devine, Rashad, and Elise. We all have either been through, or know someone who has been through, difficult times in our lives that have taught us that if we look deep enough, we can find the resolve, inner strength, and character to survive and thrive through any hardship!  I believe that is the heart and soul of what “For Colored Girls” shows through each woman’s journey.


I know all viewers may not get or share the same appreciation for the poetic word play the characters speak with throughout the film, especially if you haven’t seen or aren’t familiar with the play.  But, I think anyone who approaches this film with an open mind and willing heart will be hard pressed to deny the passion in the performance of these women, and the message of overcoming adversity at the foundation of the film. I think Tyler Perry fans will be especially pleased here, too, as this film should be another fine addition to the growing list of serious dramas under his belt in the same vein as “The Family that Preys”!


So on a scale of 1 out of 5, 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, I give “For Colored Girls” 4 stars ****. ‘Til next time- be safe and stay blessed.


Reviewed by: Wisdom Supreme



Brooke Alexander is a waitress in love with a prominent attorney Patrick Sterling. Although Patrick is a passionate lover, he quickly becomes a controlling and verbally abusive demon during their aggressive sexual encounters. To add to Brooke's stress, she also has to endure even more belittling comments from Patrick's parents. Brooke dreads attending family or social events at the Sterling's household; as she knows she will become the spotlight entertainment. Mrs. Sterling is so hell bent on ruining her son's relationship with Brooke, that she even goes as far as to offer her severance pay to leave immediately. Not only does Brooke have to put up with Patrick's insults, she has to put up with Mrs. Sterling's claims that her son has other women besides her. Brooke's suspicions and Mrs. Sterling's claims are soon confirmed after Brooke follows Patrick to the other woman's house, and catches him red-handed in the act. Although very hurt and betrayed, Brooke stayed in her relationship because it was all she has known.


Damon and Carleigh Johnson appear to be the perfect couple, but looks can be deceiving. Damon adores his wife, but Carleigh put on a show and views him only as a trophy husband. Damon works as a Human Resources Manager, but has other aspirations in beginning his own business. However, Carleigh isn't as supportive of his dreams as he would like for his wife to be. Not only is Damon flaunted as a trophy piece, his endeavors are constantly insulted as he shares them. Damon remains determined to remain committed to his wife and achieve his goals.


One tragic night, Damon and Brooke are brought together after saving her life and suffering a permanent disability. A disability that forms an undeniable bond between the two. In Damon's case, his wife becomes distant after he becomes disabled. In Brooke's case, her relationship continues to it's abusive spiral downhill. As each of their relationships fall apart, Brooke's and Damon's grows stronger. They knew they were playing with fire, but it felt so right. It was destiny.


Readers will enjoy this erotic tale of forbidden love. The story was well written and creatively delivered. Although the storyline is predictable, I was pleased to see Zane include the realistic life of disabled individuals. Overall, I give this novel 4 stars.


Reviewed by: Kenya Mack

Here we are fifteen years later, revisiting the lives of Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine, and Robin.  The ladies who touched our hearts and lives in more way than one in “Waiting to Exhale”.  “Getting To Happy” is the long-anticipated sequel we’ve all been waiting for.  The ladies are now in their fifties, but life definitely doesn’t slow down with age.  One might be intimidated by the age of the characters; feeling as if they won’t be able to relate.  However, their age wasn’t a factor in relating to the lives of these ladies.  It’s almost as if they hadn’t aged a bit.


We remember Savannah as a passive woman looking for love in all the wrong places.  As we revisit Savannah, we find that her personality hasn’t changed much at all.  Her character still remains true to who she has been.  The only good and notable change was that she found love and married a good man named Isaac.  The problem is that they’ve grown bored with their unchanging marital routine.  After discovering Isaac’s disturbing online porn addiction, Savannah decides to hop on the train straight out of her marriage.  Somehow, despite divorce being something touch to endure; they were able to part ways peacefully.  Now Savanna is faced with having to enter back into the single life once again.


Gloria is another character that seems to remain true to herself.  We were all happy to see her and her neighbor, Marvin, begin something beautiful.  It’s pleasing to know that they married and maintained a love-filled marriage for fifteen years.  When tragedy strikes, Gloria has to find a way to pick up the pieces and continue living life.  Thank goodness she has her salon, son Tarik, and his four children to help keep her focused.  When hardships come upon Tarik and his marriage, Gloria is able to step in and find purpose in living life again..


Bernadine is remembered as the “strong one” of the bunch.  One of the people’s favorites.  After going through a nasty divorce with John in “Waiting to Exhale”.,she bounced back and married again in “Getting To Happy”.  His name James Wheeler, or so she thought.  That was until his real wife called to inform her he’d married Bernadine under a fake name.  After “James” cleaned her out and disappeared, leaving her nearly broke; Bernadine turned to self-medication.  Pills were her escape from reality.  When everyone began to notice her dependency problem, she decides to make a change once and for all.  Surprisingly, her strongest supporters were her children, girlfriends, and John (her ex-husband).


Robin, the sex kitten herself, has been on a fifteen year man drought.  Focusing entirely on the upbringing of her too-grown-for-her-britches daughter, Sparrow, she has failed to remember her own happiness matters too.  After failed attempts at online dating, Robin finally decides to throw in the towel.  That was until she runs into an old friend at the gym.


I have to say I wasn’t entirely pleased with “Getting To Happy” as a sequel to such a wonderful masterpiece.  The storyline and twists were the strong points.  However the story flow was lacking.  There were also some devastating character development issues in the story.  The one that stood out the most is when Russell, Robin’s ex married lover, was mixed in with the drug junkie’s Robin briefly dated in “Waiting to Exhale” past.  Personally, I expected a better written story from an author of seven novels.  Overall, I enjoyed the story and am still looking forward to Terry’s future works.  I’m glad to see her back on the literary scene after all that she has been through.


3 stars


Written and Edited By: Kenya Mack



In the debut novel, “The Other Side of 30”, readers will meet main character Sebrina Cooper. She is a beautiful young woman who, like many, is tired of the single scene and believes her destiny includes a prince charming. Enter a birthday gift that she will never forget; a one night stand with the handsome and charming Curtis. After that one night, everything as Sebrina knows it changes. As if it isn’t hard enough trying to make something out of a fling, Sebrina begins to deal with all kinds of drama; from her pregnancy to a new friendship with the wife of the man she is in love with.

The novel is drama from start to finish. At times you want to scream at Sebrina, and at times you are rather sympathetic. Overall, “The Other Side of 30” was a delight to read. Though some portions of the story seemed to carry on longer than necessary it did make for a smooth read.

I found that as I read this book, I was taken on an emotional roller-coaster, and what was enjoyable is that the author made the characters so real and relatable. I felt like I was right there going through the many trials and tribulations. This novel will entertain and definitely spark plenty of conversation after reading. Readers will definitely anticipate what Author Ry Swint has in store for them in her upcoming works.


Reviewed By: Kisha Green



Edited By: Kenya Mack




Chante' Chambers is the living testament that physical perfection and financial success does not equal happiness. In Chante's Song, Chante' takes us on a continuous man rollercoaster, as she desperately searches for love through sexual satisfaction encounters. Clearly, Chante' mistakes sex for love, as she tries to push her broken relationships with her boss and ex-lover, Jason, in the back of her memory banks. Jason, hell-bent on not letting her go so easily, attempts to buy her love and forgiveness with pricy gifts and back-breaking sex. Enters Keith, Chante's knight in shining armor. Little does he know, Chante' wasn't in much of a hurry to completely dismiss Jason and his tempting gifts to totally give her heart to him.


Chante's Song was well written and, despite minor editing issues, possessed the undeniable ability to keep readers engaged. I, personally, couldn't put the book down, as I anticipated what would happen next. Chante's Song is a very promising debut for Donneil Jackson and gives great hope for her future literary works.


Reviewed by: Kenya Mack



Sweeter Than Honey is the first installment in The Honey B. Diaries, introducing Lace St. Thomas, a once call-girl, now turned Madam in Las Vegas, Nevada. Money, cars, clothes; she possesses it all, battling her old demons from her past, her sister’s recent illness, and, suddenly, her top call-girl turns up dead. Lace decides to turn her life around, moving to Atlanta and starting a program for abused and prostituting women. But, just before she can make this positive transition, Lace’s past is not done with her yet. Uncovering secrets and surprises, Sweeter than honey will have you turning the pages, dropping jaws, and saying to yourself, “it really must be sweeter than honey”.


Reviewed by: Jeff Roshell

Bentley Dean, III was born into a wealthy yet, humble family. It is apparent that his father is adamant about how he envisioned his two children's lives to fall into place, and held the family fortune over each of their heads as the motivation. In the beginning of the story, Bentley delivers heartbreaking news to both his fiancé, and his father, that he wouldn't be marrying, as he was deeply in love with his gay lover, Warren. After being practically disowned by his father and cast out of the family, Bentley, III finds it hard to survive through a recession that threatens to take his co-owned modeling agency under. He finds himself making the deal with the "devil" after a suspiciously shady business man enters his office; and offers a too-good-to-be-true business proposition that is sure to save Bentley's sinking ship. The sacrifice would be using male models as potential male escorts for a private gay "party". Bentley, III finds himself in a whirlwind of sex, violence, and drama after his close friend and agency model, Jah, becomes entangled in a life of being a "kept man". Jah's lover is the powerful force behind the discreet, gay "party" of potential male model lovers. Jah loses sight of his own life and personal goals; all in the name of what he thinks is love. What he doesn't know is that his gay lover, who is a happily married, family man in the public eye, is willing to protect his reputation by any means necessary. 

Harris' latest release was slightly discouraging compared to his previous works. Although his words and dramatically expressed scenes intrigue readers, the storyline took more than half of the book to get on a good pace. The book wasn't well written and, it is my hope, that there will be a sequel since the ending leaves readers wanting to know what happens next. 

My rating: 3 stars 

Reviewed by: Kenya Mack


Introducing Alicia Black-Sullivan, the daughter of the infamous Pastor Curtis Black, comes to us in this powerful and exciting novel about how the love of money and material things can end up costing you everything. Alicia has the perfect life, perfect husband, but can’t seem to stay out of the department stores, buying expensive things. Budgeting is well beyond her means and she ends up downing her husband, because his salary just isn’t fitting the bill. From there, Alicia starts lying and being vindictive to get what she wants. Soon, this all comes down to her sneaking around to be with her ex, who is a thug hard-head, leading to tragedy for poor, dear Alicia. The moral of the story is that money can buy you a lot of things, but love truly isn’t one of them. The “Best of Everything” is a novel that will encourage readers who love to shop to take out their check books and budget themselves. They will also realize that “if I can’t afford it, I don’t need to buy it”.

Written by: Jeffery Roshell

“Water Flows Under Doors” is a dazzling debut from Keith Williams. Readers will be introduced to main character, Tyler, who is dealing with the break up from his former girlfriend, Deborah.  Deborah truly isn’t affected by the recent change of events, since she wasted no time getting on with her life with someone new who is a pretty boy named, Patrick.

Tyler is trying to deal with the breakup,  his regular life, with the absence of his father playing a major role, and the man he is trying to become, not what society would like to see him as.

“Water Flows Under Doors” is a classic tale of a young man’s road to self-discovery, and this book will keep readers engrossed. Main character Tyler is so likeable, even when his inner demons make him want to do otherwise.

Enter Tracey, a 16 year old teen mom, living with her mother and raising her daughter, wishing for a better life. In the meantime, she entertains the company of the neighborhood drug dealer and her daughter’s father, Remy.  Even though she dates the streets’ most feared man, her mind and body yearn for a love that she wants with Tyler.

The two flirt on and off for some time and then do the unthinkable.  Something that was supposed to be as incredible as finally losing control comes with a price that could cost someone their life.

As the story unfolds, readers will  be introduced to a secret that changes lives and makes people question if they even know the people around them. This debut tells the story of love, life, and loss.

“Water Flows Under Doors” was a nice read and, despite some editing issues, it did not detract from the author’s words. This story has great character development and readers can’t help but be engrossed because the storyline is so true to life.

If you pick up this book thinking this is your typical “bang-bang shoot ‘em up”, you will be in for a rude awakening. “Water Flows Under Doors” is not street lit, but a contemporary, fictional tale of a young boy turning into a man. This was an awesome debut from Keith Williams.

This novel will make you take notice of this author’s writing skills and be looking for his next literary endeavor.

Reviewed by: Kisha Green

“Darius Jones” is the newest installment by Mary Honey B. Morrison. Readers will be taken on a wild and exciting ride that they won’t want to get off of, set in California. Darius is a NBA Star, whose life is about to be turned upside down after a tragic automobile accident puts his fiancée, Twice Fancy, into a coma. In the story also comes all star characters from previous novels; Lace, AKA Honey, Thomas, Sapphire, bad boy Valentino, Grant, Bambi, and Ashlee, Darius’  ex-girlfriend, and son, DJ (Darius juniors’) mother. Bambi is back to do some damage of her own and also holds the secret to who the culprit is behind the automobile accident that was meant to leave Fancy for dead. Bambi gets word that the accident wasn’t at all a success and decides to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Honey Thomas is having twins, and characters Grant and Valentino are caught in the middle to find out who the father is.  Upon finding out that Grant is the father of the twins, they are kidnapped, and the plot starts to thicken, for Darius’ mother, Jada, is named the number one suspect. Let’s not leave out ex-girl, Ashlee, for she is also into do damage, as well using the publicity that Darius is getting from the automobile accident, which also Darius and their son, DJ, were in, to hop on a plane to California from D.C. to grab their son. She has no legal rights, only visitations, because of her unstable behavior. Darius will also confront past and present demons, and try to make amends with them as everybody runs around L.A. to find out who tried to kill Darius, why Bambi wants Fancy dead, who kidnapped Honey Thomas’s twins, and what Ashlee has in store for dear, old Darius. The ending will have you clapping your hands and thanking  Mary Honey B. Morrrison for once again giving us a juicy, page turning novel that only she can only create. She will also have us all saying,  “Darius Jones, you got ninety-nine problems and a female is one!!!!!

Reviewed by: Jeff Roshell


In the murder mystery “Dying on the Edge” readers will immediately be swept away in the authors clever way of story telling. Craft fans will not be disappointed with the author’s latest literary effort. 

I am a fan of Francine Craft and for any person who enjoys love stories filled with emotion sprinkled with that happily ever after in some cases will know that when picking up a Francine Craft novel you are going to have a pleasant read. 

“Dying on the Edge” is slightly different because the author is now bringing more mystery to her romance pages, where this can be a risky challenge to pull off if not properly executed, but I can say that this new recipe definitely works for her. This novel had me engrossed and slightly scared but entertained nonetheless. 

“Dying on the Edge” tells the tale of Maggi French a successful film star who has it all except one thing and that is her married producer Kurt Wilder. What makes this story interesting is that this isn’t your typical tale of some bitter woman this story is more, it shows how far a woman will go to get the man of her dreams even if he is currently taken by another woman, this just means she has to work harder for his affection. 

Which in Maggi’s mind means she will resort to voodoo and not just some basic voodoo, Maggi has did her research as well did the author in the information/educating the reader of getting the perfect “love spell” but understanding the how’s and why’s. 

What’s mystery without a murder and upon Maggi’s untimely demise the plot really thickens amongst those who knew her and for the detective assigned to the case. There are stories within stories. 

Overall, this novel was a delight to read and readers will not and I repeat will not be disappointed and will eagerly await another installment from Francine Craft. I know I am! Job Well Done!!! 

Reviewed by: Kisha Green

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