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With the economy being what it is these days, it seems that so many of us get our focus locked on the mundane tasks of work, work, and work. We pay attention to every news report, read every newspaper article, and read anything else that will remind us of how terrible the times are. Most times, these daily routines are just something we do instinctively . I'm the first to admit; I'm guilty of this as well.


It was my sixteen year-old child who helped me realize what was really happening in our home after I asked him to update my phone. Although I have all these little gadgets and electronics, it's the teens of the house who show me how to use them. After going through my phone my son blurted out, "Good Lord, how many news applications can one person have?! No wonder you’re always mad!" At the time, I was like, "Whatever," but as his comment really started to sink in, I realized he was right. In my mind, I could not remember  the last time I watched cartoons with my ten and eleven year-old, or learned a new dance from my thirteen year-old. Unintentionally , I had become consumed with things happening in countries thousands of miles away. 

Sometimes, you just have to get back to the basics. You know the things you did when they were little: read a book at bedtime, Saturday cleaning with the music blasting just being silly, or family movie night— my favorite (comedies only)!!! Whatever it is that you do in your home, it is definitely a great time to get back to family fun. Don't get me wrong, I believe that we all should be up-to-date on things happening in the world around us; however, to become overly consumed with such issues will only aid in the many other things that can make us miss out on our children’s  most formative years. How we interact with them today influences every relationship and social situation they will encounter in the future!


Written By: Amy Ward


Edited By: Kenya Mack



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