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          Iím upset about something. Something that may not matter to some. Others may think Iím worried about the wrong things in life; some may even think Iím making excuses. Either way, Iím upset.

           The thing that has me so upset is the situation with the illegal aliens coming into this country and getting jobs. I have mixed feelings on this in the sense that I am not totally against these people coming over here getting jobs. I mean they just trying to come up like anyone else. My issue is with the government. The government is being hypocritical in the sense that it is illegal, but since it is beneficial to the work force--which pays the government on top of taxes other financial favors--they allow this continuous violation to go on publicly.

          Why I am I upset? Well, I am a felon. What does that mean? That means no matter what skills, knowledge, or experience I may have, I will automatically be disqualified for many jobs--especially career-based jobs. Donít get me wrong, there are a few felons that are released from prison and are able to get edged back in society in a productive situation that leads him or her away from the direction they were headed in before prison. Those numbers almost donít exist by comparison to recidivism though. With that said, my reason for being upset should be clear.

         I see it like this, if you are a person born and living in this country and violate the laws of the land, you will be exiled; but only amongst your one time peers. Itís the equivalent of being sent to timeout in school, then being allowed to come back your classmates, but not allowed to participate in any of the class activities ever. Youíre just in attendance day-after-day, watching the world pass you by. The weak will come away from this experience with psychological dysfunction that may cause them to purposely commit acts that will return them to the only place they feel accepted--prison. A false sense of security; such a discomforting sight to observe in any male or woman.

          Can you imagine getting in your bed tonight and going to sleep only to wake up five years later, with no job, no family support, and no real friends? What are you going to eat tonight while you are being patient and trying to do the right thing; waiting for assistance or one of the many employers you left your number and skills with to call? This is the case with many men and women when they are released from prison. Thatís where youíre numbers for recidivism comes from. Most these individuals just get caught back up into the behaviors that led them to prison in the first place. The difference between these people and the first type is that this person doesnít intentionally try and return to prison.

          I fall in-between the two of the last cohort. Sometimes you get that felon that may know everything I said above. So, he or she is coming home with an edge. This person already knowing and accepting their situation usually has a plan. A plan that has nothing in the way of support other than thought. This person may come home and seek assistance from family or friends, get a job, and set their plans off and never look back. Example of this: Charles Dutton who did a bid for manslaughter before. After being released, he pursued his goal at becoming an actor. He became known as Roc, from the hit comedy sitcom by the same name. He also gave presence to big screen titles. Funny thing with this type of person, they usually have dual personality. What I mean by that is, this person may be released from prison with a plan and knowing their conditions, but this person may not want to be patient and attempt to get their goals accomplished by any means. These people usually hustle to get quicker results, not assessing risk to their self or their goals. That is the case with a lot of successful felons. Example: Curtis Jackson who sold mixtapes on the streets of New York and personal claims of other activities. On his way from state greens to the now larger-than-life 50 Cent.

         So my possibilities as a felon arenít all dark, but look at what do I have to do? Damn near become an Icon to get a textbook around this mafu--? Iím not trying to go back to timeout though. That is what has me so upset, because no one is offering the ex-con the temporary work visa. If a felon is discovered on a job he has been disqualified for, he will be terminated and possibly face jail time. Where is the leeway for the illegal aliens that already exist in this country? Iíll tell you where the leeway is--in prison. When the felon is in prison he performs for the government and the work force in the same manner as the illegal alien.  Felons are made to work in a sweatshop type manner making beds, license plates, and cabinets. All types of production goes on behind those walls; why you think the wall is there? If you could see what really goes on in prison, you would dispel most, if not all, of your previous views. The amount of production that comes from prison could shift the stock market. These huge profits are seen by companies and the government, while the felon makes a dollar a day.

          The intelligent felon knowing this, has an even brighter outlook on the job market in terms of paid wages? This felon knows like the stand-up American citizen, the wage that is being offered by most employers is not fair for the labor. These employers are who support the concept of hiring illegal aliens. These same employers are often fined and allowed to continue to operate. I call for equal justice. Any employer caught employing illegal aliens should be put out of business and jailed. Its nothing short of treason. They are knowing and willingly assisting potential terrorists. Sure, I know most of these illegal aliens are poor farmers in search of a better life; but beneath the surface, if I open up a trap house and only serve people who want drugs, I am not pushing anything. Iím going to be put out of business and jailed. Why because itís illegal.




Written by: Aaron Bebo

Edited By: Kenya Mack



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